Audyssey has developed a voice of their own by composing original music as a collective. Since the group’s conception in the Fall of 2013, Audyssey has performed at a number of events within and outside of CalArts. The trio has a unique way of blending funk, hip-hop, and R&B with innovative jazz concepts.

Joshua Linsky is a multi-faceted percussionist who specializes in musical styles ranging from funk and r’n’b to soul and hip-hop. Josh arrives in LA with two years of experience as the music director of an award winning hip-hop act, having just completed a performance degree at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Eager to continue his collaborative process, Josh played an important role in forming Audyssey.

Julian Karahalios is a versatile musician with an innovative approach to electric and upright bass. Julian moved to LA from Tucson, Arizona, where he came from a strong musical background. He showcases this strength by utilizing his exceptional vocal abilities while holding down the low-end and contributing heavily to arrangement.

Evan Montgomery’s talents on electric guitar provide color and direction throughout Audyssey’s music. His expertise in technicality is clearly displayed by the way he creates soundscapes, looping effects, and experimental sounds on the go during performances. Since moving to LA from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Evan has fulfilled a very special role in the group as the main source of harmony as well as experimentation and arrangement.


Funk • Hip-Hop • Jazz • R&B