Saraguato (a.k.a. Alouatta pigra): Howler monkey who lives in the jungle of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Despite its small size, the howls of these monkeys can be heard from miles away. Their scream resembles the howl of a tiger.

La Zaraguata band plays Mexican music, from Chiapas to Sonora, popular domain traditional pieces as well as Mexican contemporary music in the traditional idiom. The styles that we play are son chiapaneco, son jarocho, vals oaxaqueño, cumbia, corrido and canción ranchera.

A sample set may include: La llorona (cancion oaxaquena), La zandunga (cancion oaxaquena), El sapo (son oaxaqueno), El Cascabel (son jarocho), La gallina (son jarocho), El pajaro carpintero (son jarocho), La lloroncita (son jarocho), Corrido de Pancho Villa (corrido), Mujer (cumbia), Eres mentirosa (cumbia), and Calle soledad (cumbia).

Large Ensembles