Barmey is a guitarist who specializes in teaching Classical, Folk, Pop, Rock, and Latin to all ages. He has over 10 years of professional experience, but far before that, at an early age, Barmey realized that he found his salvation in music. What originally started as a hobby, turned into something much more. The power of music started to manifest around him, and he was imbued with confidence, belonging, purpose, and connectedness with others. These things were invaluable, especially at such an early and insecure age. It was these types of experiences that made Barmey dedicate his life to music, and through that, he has performed and studied music around the world. Barmey has many other accomplishments in composing, performing, and teaching, and he continually tries to find other ways to share his art. Through teaching, he has become very close with many of his students, some of whom have been with him for several years. Barmey provides extensive technical knowledge of the guitar, he provides support through musicianship, and imbues confidence through performing and achieving one’s goals.