Silicon Valley native Megan DeJarnett grew up surrounded by technology, but unlike many of her peers, she turned to music instead. DeJarnett completed her BM in Theory and Composition at Arizona State University, and after several years crafting acoustic works, which have been described as “writing with the force of a blizzard” and “tastefully atonal,” she expanded her palate into the world of electronic music. As she’s combined her Bay Area heritage and her creative instincts, DeJarnett has brought the outside world into her music, working narrative arcs into much of her recent output and blending genres and disciplines to create performances that truly rise off the page.

DeJarnett has premiered works at the National Trumpet Competition and Society of Composers, Inc. concerts. Past and current teachers include Alex Wilson, Edward Carroll, Matt Barbier, Kotoka Suzuki, and Marc Lowenstein. DeJarnett is an MFA candidate in the Performer-Composer program at the California Institute of the Arts; in her spare time, you can catch her freelancing, rehearsing with Phantom Brass, and singing along to just about anything.


classical • jazz • Experimental