As an active bandleader, performer, and composer, Jason has a unique and informed approach to teaching jazz guitar lessons. He has been teaching students since he was 15 years old, and deeply enjoys connecting with students of all levels. In 2017, Jason severely injured his shoulder and took over a year to recover before returning to his guitar with a completely changed approach, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. He now focuses on sharing a sustainable, authentic, and heartfelt approach to practice and performance. In addition to teaching guitar lessons, Jason co-taught a high school course on music history and appreciation, and he has experience tutoring students in a variety of subjects. As a Cum Laude graduate of Harvard-Westlake, Jason greatly appreciates the value of education, and wishes to bring the same inspiration and wisdom to his students that he gained while studying at Eastman School of Music and CalArts.   

Solo Guitar

Jazz • Classical • Folk