Quayla Bramble grew up in the concrete jungle, New York City.  From the time that she was able to walk, she was always ready to entertain.  After playing the lead role Annie in the off-broadway show Annie Jr. at the age of 9, it was confirmation for her that the performing arts was her passion and what she wanted to have as a career.  Over the years, Quayla has been using her craft to impact the world.   She attended various performing arts schools including Mark Twain IS. 239, Professional Performing Arts School and is currently getting her BFA at California Institute of the Arts for Vocal Performance.  Since the age of 12, Quayla’s deep love for culture, has brought her oversees and performed at various venues in some of the most dynamic countries in the world, including Japan, France, Germany, Bermuda and the Grand Bahamas.  While on these tours, she also had the opportunity of holding workshops, teaching music and dance to all ages.  Quayla’s versatility as a vocalist, allowed her an extensive repertoire of different genres such as Classical, Jazz, Experimental, Musical Theatre, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Pop/Rock and Folk.  Quayla believes that she uses her gifts not to get a standing ovation, but to give back to the community, knowing her voice has its own therapeutic abilities to mend the souls she is singing and teaching to.  Quayla believes that her fascination with the different cultures of the world has and continues to influence who she is as a musician.  She believes that music is the universal language and she is both grateful and humble to use this language to communicate to the world for the greater good.


Musical Theater • World