Born in Los Angeles, Jason began playing guitar when he was five. By the 6th grade, he fell in love with jazz. A graduate of Harvard-Westlake High School, Jason received the Jerry Margolis Jazz Award his senior year. Along with this award, he also received a Semi-Finalist Award in The Music Center’s Spotlight Jazz Instrumental Competition. He then went on to spend two years studying at Eastman School of Music where he developed both as a player and as a composer, exploring jazz and classical music. In 2017, Jason severely injured his shoulder and took over a year to recover before returning to his guitar with a completely changed approach, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Fortunately, he is back to normal and is finishing his Bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar at California Institute of the Arts. Jason has played at various concerts, events, fundraisers, cocktail parties, clubs, and conservatories around Los Angeles, Rochester, and Italy. He also participated in LA Jazz Society’s Bill Green Mentorship Program, attended various summer jazz programs across the U.S., and teaches guitar lessons. Jason’s solo jazz guitar practice revolves around repertoire from the American songbook, and he has spent many years studying and creating his own solo arrangements of well-known standards. His approach is also informed by his years studying classical guitar, lending him a unique method of spontaneously arranging and improvising over jazz standards. He has been performing solo guitar pieces since he was 9 years old, and continues to love the intimacy and freedom which the practice offers.

Solo Guitar

Jazz • Classical • Folk