Born and raised in Tohoku area in Japan and having lived in Tokyo and Vancouver, Canada as well, Kozue now lives in California. She has played koto since she was three years old under Ikuta-ryu Miyagi-kai (生田流宮城会) and became a semi-master (準師範) in 1994. She has also played shamisen (三味線) and shinobue (篠笛) since she was small. Kozue has performed in various occasions both in Japan and Canada. She has also engaged in various community/art/cross-cultural collaborative projects and events with Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble, Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra, Vancouver Opera, University of British Columbia etc, and at the California Institute of the Arts in the Los Angeles area.

Kozue is now at CalArts to explore and experiment the world of koto thorough collaborations with different kinds of music, technology and various artists.


Japanese Traditional