Matin Es’haghi was born in February 23rd 1988 in Mashhad, Iran. He was born in a music-dedicated family. At the age of 3, he began learning Tombak, Persian hand drum, under his father’s supervision, Master Dariush Eshaghi. He performed and accompanied his father in his first concert when he was only 5 years old. At the age of 7, he commenced learning Taar under Shermin Negari’s supervision. After his family moved to Tehran, he continued learning basics techniques of Tar and Persian traditional music modes, Radif, under Behdad Shahideh’s supervision. After he finishind one Radif, Radife Mirza Hoseingholi, he continued learning more advanced techniques and under supervision of Mr.Behrouz Hemmati Matin learned another Radif, Radif Mirza Abdollah, and familirized himself with Mr. Hossein Alizadeh’s works. He finished the Radifs and Started learning advance Radif, Radif Shahnazi. Under Master Mohamdreza Lotfi’s supervision, he reviewed and analyzed the Radifs again and gained knowledge about advanced techniques of Tar. He also took advantage of Master Hossein Alizadeh’s classes. He won the first prize as a Tar soloist in International Fajr music festival in 2007 and student festival in 2005. At the age of 21 he moved to the United State with his brother Misaq to pursue his studies in music.

Matin and Misaq have had many successful concerts in the United States:
● Chicago 2014, 2012
● Orange County 2013
● Los Angeles 2013, 2011
● Arizona 2013
● Phoenix, Dallas, Bay Area…

Over 6 years Matin Eshaghi has composed and recorded many pieces. The Koobang Ensemble including Dariush Eshaghi, Fariba Eshaghi, Misaq Eshaghi and Matin Eshaghi has released five albums:
● More Beautiful Than the Moon 2014
● Soroor 2013
● Chashm-e Sokhangoo 2011
● Ahuy-e man 2009
● Jan-e Janan 2008

Tar, Setar, Daf and Tonbak

Persian Classical