Native to Chicago, Ricky Davis has grown up developing a radically innovative style of acoustic guitar music. Although it wasn’t until his teenage years that Ricky manifested his creativity in this way, there were many early signs of an inventive mind – such as highly obsessive and remarkably elaborate Lego and Lincoln Log architecture. It seemed obvious that he was born to be a creator.

Shortly after he started writing music, Ricky tried putting the guitar on his lap. Within seconds, he had an epiphany and fell in love with the feel of this. For hours upon hours at a time, Ricky would tap out bizarre and adventurous melodies with his right hand and use his left hand to play supportive harmonies. He coined the style, “lap-tapping.” At the time, this was a technique that only a handful of people around the world were practicing.

Almost as rare was his usage of open tunings and hand percussion on the body of the guitar. Together, these techniques allowed Ricky to play melodies and chords with his left hand while simultaneously making drum beats with his right.

Although universal interest in these techniques has increased over the past decade, they are still quite uncommon. For this reason, the performance remains visually stimulating. Nonetheless, Ricky continues to stay at the forefront of innovation with the acoustic guitar. He is currently building a very complex electronic device that attaches to the acoustic guitar.